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Welcome To Zinfinite

We’re Zinfinite. We are a NonProfit Organization. We’re on a journey to change the way jobs are posted and received. Here is a Job Portal with a catch, Employers will have lifetime memberships from Version 1 to End. All funding from Employer Plans will go to Zinfinite Project. We have published two cryptocurrencies to the XRP Ledger (Zinfinite, ZiniBarz). Our system will make money come easier, whether it be (Full-time, Part-time, Day-Job, Gaming, or Business). Employer or Candidate, Time is money. If we can’t provide a system that works for both ends, we are just slowing the process. We will ALL thrive if we work together!


We have our Membership plans listed below. Those marked with a * are active features.



  • Unlimited Messaging*
  • Unlimited Job Applying*
  • Rating System(To further jobs, Linked to Reward System)
  • Reward System(With Great work comes reward)
  • Staking System
  • Gaming System
  • Day Jobs
  • Free Memberships*
  • 3-12% Paid difference (When selecting Zinfinite as your preferred payment)
  • AI(Filter The Right Job For You)
  • Many More Features To Come!




  • Unlimited Messaging*
  • Unlimited Job Publishing*
  • Rating System(This will provide feedback; New potential candidates, Rating current employees will reward the highest single or few through our system)
  • Lifetime Membership(One-time purchase)*
  • Featured Employer*
  • Featured Jobs*
  • Urgent Jobs*
  • AI System(Filter the right candidate based on resume and review)
  • ERP Tools with multi-currency features(Auto-bridging Currency to Candidate’s preferred payment) 
  • Many More Features To Come!


Below is Our vision in depth.